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Thanksgiving and a recipe!

November 22, 2012
As I sit here watching "The Homecoming" on TV I am thinking of everything I have to be thankful for.  Sometimes it is good to really look at what we are thankful for.  Its not the big screen TV that I am being entertained by, or the laptop I click away at while listening, but the little things.  

I am thankful for the roof over my head.  In this job market there are many people losing their homes.  We still have hung on to ours.  All of its 130 plus years on this plot of land have seen many families, but its been our house, our home, for the past 23 years.  

I am thankful for my children.  I have watched them blossom and grow into wonderful adults.  They have continued to amaze me with their ethics, choices, and ideas.

I am thankful for my twin grand babies.   Who knew two rambunctious two-year-olds could wrap their grandma around their finger so quickly!  From the minute they came onto this Earth I found out how awesome it is to be a grandma!  Watching them grow and learn how the world works amazes me every day.

I am thankful for my husband of 28 years.  Without him by my side, believing in me and his faith in my abilities I am not sure where I would be.  Because we believe we are young grandparents, I can still say how much I look forward to growing old  with him.

Lastly and most importantly, I am thankful that God put all of this in my life.  Even through struggles I knew he had a plan.  When one door closes, another opens.  He knows what is the right path for us.

Now for the recipe!
Thanksgiving dinner growing up always included my grandma's mushroom and rice.  No one can really recreate what she did in her kitchen, but I can come close!  Every time I make this dish I think of her and the memories of all the Thanksgiving and Christmases I was able to share with her before she passed away.

Mushrooms and rice

Three pounds of mushrooms (more is better, a mix is fine, DO NOT used canned!)
About two sticks of butter.  
Two boxes Uncle Ben's Wild Rice (with the spice mix)

Cook mushrooms in a big pan with butter until almost cooked down.  Keep adding mushrooms as they cook until you can fit them all into the pan.  While the mushrooms are cooking, cook the two boxes of Uncle Ben's Wild Rice according to the package directions.  Sometimes I'll add a packet of instant onion soup mix to the water/rice mixture.  If you're trying to keep the sodium content down, skip this step and just add in some dried onion to the water/rice mixture.
Add the rice to the mushrooms, stir well, and add more butter as needed.  Yes, there is a lot of butter in this, but what is Thanksgiving if it isn't butter shared with family?  I do not know grandma's secret ingredients  but this comes mighty close.  I tell friends this is the Polish version of a side dish , or mushrooms on steroids, but to me it is really LOVE.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving creating memories and love with your friends and family!

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  • Rob Sawicki Says:
    Aug 20 2013 6:11AM

    Thanks Grandma Mushrooms and Rice. Rob

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